Remarkably Meets Critical Multifamily Business Intelligence and Analytics Need, Amidst COVID-19, with Launch of New Portfolio Intelligence Platform

By Dani Johnson

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Online platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to more quickly, and accurately inform business responses to COVID-19-related operational, marketing, and leasing challenges.

SEATTLE — July 20, 2020 — Remarkably, a leading multifamily business intelligence company focused on helping property owners and managers deliver asset and portfolio performance and profitability, today announced the release of its newest version of the platform – Remarkably 2.0.

The cloud-based SaaS solution helps Regional Property Management and Marketing teams, frustrated with splicing together spreadsheets and tedious reports, reduce the time it takes to get property and portfolio insights that drive performance.

Version 2.0 creates a unified view of each property’s marketing, leasing, and renewal data, and provides seamless monitoring, alerting, reporting, and forecasting. This allows portfolio leaders to align each property around a set of meaningful KPIs, and streamline analysis with actionable insights into past, present, and future property performance.   

“Leaders who apply advanced analytics will be in a stronger place to address the near-term challenges that the pandemic has raised, and ultimately tap deeper net operating income”

Erina Malarkey
Co-founder & CEO, Remarkably

“Today, time is a luxury that property management leaders don’t have. COVID-19 has upended ‘business as usual’ for multifamily, which must now strive to manage the economic repercussions. Business intelligence and analytics are widely recognized across industries for their problem-solving and predictive prowess, and are increasingly becoming essential navigational tools for multifamily,” said Erina Malarkey, Co-founder and CEO of Remarkably. “Now more than ever, ownership groups and property management companies recognize that tracking property performance using lagging indicators, such as occupancy rate, is ill-advised during economic shifts. Leaders who apply advanced analytics will be in a stronger place to address the near-term challenges that the pandemic has raised, and ultimately tap deeper net operating income”.

The platform is especially beneficial for Regional Property Management and Marketing teams seeking to optimize Regional and Marketing-level portfolio performance and receive insights that help them understand their past and current property performance, as well as take proactive steps to get ahead of future risks. “This new technology allows multifamily business leaders to see the depth of their portfolio’s marketing, leasing, and renewal data, from initial website visit to move-out, easily identify key trends, and make informed decisions about the future that enhance property and portfolio performance,” Malarkey said.

Key Remarkably 2.0 features:

Remarkably 2.0’s feature set provides Regional Property Management and Marketing teams access to the advanced monitoring, alerting, reporting, and forecasting capabilities required to quickly adapt to new renter behaviors in response to COVID-19.

Forecast KPI Performance
Plan for and mitigate risk before it occurs with property marketing and leasing forecasts, powered by machine learning and leveraging advanced predictive models, that identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.

Highly Customizable Alerts
Monitor the health of your properties 24/7 and react quickly to changes with configurable alerts that notify you when key performance indicators (KPIs) dip below acceptable thresholds.

Historical Trend Insights
Autogenerate insights in narrative format that explain trends, changes, and opportunities that can impact your properties and portfolio, and help drive meaningful action.

Seamless Data Integrations
Ensure data is always current, accurate, and trustworthy with Google Analytics and Yardi Voyager integrations, and customizable data anomaly triggers.

User-Friendly Dashboards
Get an instant snapshot into the health of your properties and portfolio with a single dashboard that identifies metric breakdowns and indicates where action is needed.

More information, including live demonstrations, can be secured by going to www.remarkably.io

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About Remarkably:
Remarkably creates multifamily intelligence software that visualizes and interprets marketing, leasing, and retention data – across spreadsheets and third-party software solutions. From website visitors to move-outs, Remarkably’s cloud-based platform provides property management executives with portfolio monitoring and reporting intelligence that quickly identifies property performance issues, generates actionable insights, and issues useful, customizable alerts. Whether you’re managing 10 or 100 communities, Remarkably unites siloed data and delivers actionable insights and reports that help multifamily leaders make better data-driven decisions, improve productivity, minimize risk and cost, and increase revenue and NOI.

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Ryan Rauch
Head of Marketing

Written by Dani Johnson