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for Multifamily

Aggregate your data. Analyze channel performance and ROI. Monitor and benchmark your portfolio. Forecast future trends. Manage with leading indicators. Automate insight generation and reporting. Improve performance. The future of multifamily analytics is here.

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Spending Too Much Time and Money Figuring Out Where and Why Properties are Underperforming?

Manually aggregating data across Property Management Software, CRM, and Google Analytics is time consuming and painful.


Interactive Dashboards

I’m tired of seeing that ‘Property Website’ is my #1 source of leads and leases, I want accurate and actionable multifamily analytics that report a true ROI.


Channel Analysis

Aggregating the data is one thing, but then I have to spend hours analyzing it for weekly meetings and reports.


Trend Insights

I want leading indicators, not lagging indicators, to drive decision making.



Marketing is often brought in too late, only after a property is underperforming.


Configured Alerts

Marketing Channel Analysis

Introducing Our New Feature

Marketing Channel Analysis

Tired of seeing “Property Website” as your #1 source of leads and leases? We get it.

Our new Channel Analysis feature was designed for busy property marketing experts looking for a better way to measure and report on channel and source performance. To get out of tedious, error-prone spreadsheets. And to never have the dreaded ‘Property Website’ source discussion with stakeholders ever again.

investment and source data

Aggregate and connect investment and source dataSave time, reduce manual data entry burden, and align your team on a single source of marketing truth.

marketing source risks and opportunities

Identify my top marketing source risks and opportunitiesAnalyze marketing expenses, volumes, conversion rates, cost pers, rent, new lease revenue and return, by source.

track progress report

Make recommendations, adjust, and track progressReport to stakeholders, make confident decisions, and monitor and track source performance over time.



Time Consuming. Error Prone. Reactive. Opaque. Underestimated.

The flood of disjointed multifamily marketing and leasing data makes it difficult to identify risks and spot opportunities.

Fix it with Remarkably

Connect your data, receive actionable insights and alerts, and address performance issues before they become problems.

Fix it with Remarkably.

Connect your data, receive actionable insights and alerts, and address performance issues before they become problems.

Fix it with remarkably illustration

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Increase Performance

Improve productivity and save time and money with automated data aggregation and analysis.

Drive Profitability

Hit and maintain occupancy and NOI goals with proactive insights that drive action.

Ensure Protection

Manage financial risk with predictive analytics and advanced alerts.

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How Remarkably Works

With Remarkably's multifamily and apartment business intelligence software, you can combine your Property Management Software, CRM, Google Analytics, and marketing expense data into a single, central view of channel performance analytics that is comprehensive, timely, and actionable.


Connect & Normalize

Aggregate & Catalogue Data Sources


Visualize & Analyze

Spot Current Trends & Opportunities


Report & Achieve

Predict & Monitor Future Trends

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Connect your multifamily data, receive actionable insights and alerts, and address property performance issues before they become problems.