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Integrated Dashboards

Stop logging into multiple platforms just to access your multifamily marketing and leasing data.

Today, data lives across multiple platforms, including Property Management Software, CRM, and Google Analytics. For a single property, let alone a portfolio, simply aggregating this data can be a time-consuming, error-prone process. Remarkably’s custom APIs aggregate data from your most critical sources and provide 24/7 access via our single dashboard.

Start seeing your data in a unified dashboard.

When data lives in disparate systems across different teams it becomes challenging to easily see the whole picture. Remarkably lets you easily access a complete multifamily portfolio and property dashboard so you can easily understand what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change to meet performance. 

Easily see property and portfolio data at a glance.

Marketers need to analyze performance from multiple different angles: individual property performance, a specific owner’s portfolio, unique regions, central apartment leasing offices, and more. Remarkably’s filtering and custom tagging ability let you see the entire portfolio as well as sub-portfolios however you need to.

Leverage visualizations to quickly and easily analyze massive amounts of data.

When data is trapped in spreadsheets it’s challenging to quickly and easily spot key trend insights critical to delivering property and portfolio performance. Remarkably’s visualizations let you easily review performance at a glance, throughout your entire marketing and leasing funnel, so that you can quickly get to the actionable insights you need most.

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View aggregated data across Yardi, CRM, and Google Analytics platforms in a single dashboard.

Explore our time series visualizations to quickly analyze performance and spot risks.

Proactively spot and understand trends, outliers, and patterns as they’re happening, not at the end of the month.

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