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Channel Analysis

Finally, a better way to measure and report on channel and source performance to analyze your true marketing ROI.

Tired of being told that your “Property Website” is producing all your leads and leases?

Go from manual spreadsheets to automated insights.

Time consuming, manual reporting keeping you from focusing on your real, strategic priorities? Remarkably aggregates and connects your investment and source data, so you can save time, reduce manual data entry burden, and align your team on a single source of marketing truth.

Identify my top marketing source risks and opportunities.

Analyze marketing expenses, volumes, conversion rates, cost pers, rent, new lease revenue and return, by source to identify which apartment marketing sources are generating the highest quality leads at the lowest cost.

Make recommendations, adjust, and track progress.

With Remarkably’s Channel Analysis you can report to stakeholders on marketing’s true ROI, make confident decisions, and monitor and track source performance over time.

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Never manually aggregate or analyze data again.

Stop spending your time on low value Excel wrangling.

Be ready to answer any owner or executive question any time.

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