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Multifamily Configured Alerts

Say goodbye to reactive multifamily management of your properties and portfolio.

Say hello to machine learning-powered Configured Alerts that monitor your marketing and leasing KPIs that impact property performance and tell you when there’s an issue.

Get ahead of the problem, before it’s a problem.

So often, marketing is brought in too late, only after a property is suffering from occupancy issues and cash flow decline.

With Remarkably’s machine learning-powered alerting functionality, you can get proactive, not reactive, alerts about performance metrics, volumes and conversion rates that influence property performance—before it’s too late.

Work smarter, not harder.

Today’s marketing teams have more demands on their time than ever before. With growing portfolios and increasingly complex tech stacks it’s physically impossible for marketers to manually monitor every factor that impacts an asset’s performance. As such, marketing teams are often forced to move from fire drill to fire drill, attending to only the most urgent needs and vocal stakeholders.

With Remarkably’s customizable alerts, our platform will monitor your property and portfolio’s performance 24/7 and alert you to any funnel stage issue, such as New Website Visitors to Leads conversions, before it begins impacting asset performance.

Let each team member focus on what matters most to them.

One challenge in multifamily today is the number of stakeholder teams and disparate data sources involved in any one asset or portfolio, and the necessary collaboration between those teams.

With Remarkably’s alerts, each team member can select the KPIs that matter most to them and be alerted accordingly, be it volumes of Leads, on-site Closing ratio performance, Cancellation and Denial rate, or something entirely different.

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Start learning about how alerts can change your Marketing function.

Stop being pulled into issues after it’s too late to mitigate risk.

Get ahead of property problems before anyone else, including owners and executives.

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