Improve multifamily marketing ROI

Connect Yardi and Google Analytics with Remarkably, and get the most value out of every marketing dollar.

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Your multifamily marketing intelligence hub


Improve Marketing ROI

Stop spending hours manually compiling Yardi and Google Analytics data to get a clear picture of each property’s funnel performance. Let Remarkably handle the busywork, help you pinpoint low conversion rates, and get the best return on ad spend.

Create - Save Valuable Time


Receive Actionable Insights

Stop relying on analyst teams, and eye-squinting spreadsheets. Spot positive and negative marketing and leasing trends with concise, text-based insights that reveal key drivers that are impacting property and portfolio performance.

Deliver Actionable Insights


Manage Proactively

Say goodbye to triaging watch list properties, and start receive alerts when current and forecasted property and funnel metrics show signs of underperformance.

Stop Reactive Management


Automate Recurring Report Generation

Auto-generate marketing reports on a recurring schedule (such as daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and share CSV or PDF reports with clients and internal teams at your own pace.

Automate Recurring Report Generation

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, Remarkably can help.

  • Do you spend too much time figuring out where and why each property is underperforming?
  • Is manual data analysis and insights keeping you from your real, strategic priorities?
  • Is property and marketing performance reporting taking too much time each week?
  • Is pinpointing poor performance against marketing benchmarks too tedious?
  • Is calculating conversion rates and costs per website visitor, tour, and lease by source nearly impossible?
  • Does identifying key property performance risk areas take longer than correcting them?
  • Are you tired of logging into multiple systems, multiple times, to aggregate the data you need?
  • Does future trend data always feel like it’s lacking the influence of historical trend data?
  • Are you tired of reacting to fire drills instead of making informed proactive decisions?
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Favorite Remarkably Features

Integrated Reports

Stop manually compiling Yardi and Google Analytics data to build reports. Automate marketing and leasing performance reporting processes — all in the cloud.

Trend Insights

Align each property around a set of meaningful KPIs that your team can agree and rely on. Compare benchmark KPIs with business objectives and ensure alignment across the portfolio.


Incorporate the power of predictive analytics into your daily marketing operations and decision-making process with forecasts that predict future behavior and offer powerful insights.

Interactive Dashboards

No more logging into dozens of separate reporting tools. Visualize comprehensive funnel data, monitor marketing, leasing and retention performance, and drill-down into critical KPIs for in-depth analysis.

Configured Alerts

Be alerted of issues before they become problems. Receive proactive alerts that identify potential funnel performance issues, and actionable insights that inform you how to fix them.

Data Connections

Merge and access your data with Remarkably as the hub between all your systems. Connect data from your PMS, CRM, GL, Google Analytics, and more, with flexible ingestion methods.