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Remarkably has built custom API integrations to aggregate data from your most critical systems, your property management software, CRM, and website data. We are currently integrated with Yardi Voyager and Google Analytics to enable you to analyze and act on it in a single dashboard – no spreadsheets required! We have many more integrations on the roadmap, so if you’d like to learn more about what’s to come or submit a request for an integration, drop us a note at hello@remarkably.io.

Remarkably aims to complete onboarding and have you up and running as quickly as possible! Typically, the whole process takes 1-2 weeks depending on when Remarkably receives required information and can be facilitated with any team member; no technical resources or IT involvement required. Once we receive the required information, the next steps include QA (quality assurance) and UA (user acceptance testing) processes to ensure the integrations are displaying your data accurately.

Remarkably is designed to be immediately usable out of the box without training. Remarkably was built purposely for multifamily marketers by multifamily marketers and inspired by input from over 200 industry members. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and help you be proactive. You will recognize your data immediately and be guided to make it a part of your workflow. Each feature and functionality has been extensively tested to make sure it is easy and intuitive, allowing new users to be up and running in a matter of minutes, no extensive training or outsourced custom reports required. In addition, our dedicated Customer Success team is always available to answer any questions that might come up or show you how to best deploy Remarkably to meet your needs.

Remarkably is laser focused on reducing workload, increasing productivity, and helping property marketing leaders collaborate more effectively with executives, owners, and leasing teams, make better decisions, and generate stronger returns on investments. Once you are live on the platform, Remarkably will proactively monitor your funnel and provide you with risk indicators, requiring no time at all! Additionally, your platform will provide real-time data and insights to understand current performance, prepare for calls and meetings, and guide you through marketing decisions throughout the funnel whenever you want to dig deeper. We see that the average single user saves significant time in the form of 10+ hours per week via Remarkably, allowing them to refocus on highest value and best use tasks.

Remarkably was built for the modern, multifamily marketer who knows there’s a better way to do their jobs. If you have 10+ properties and are manually aggregating data across systems, Remarkably was built for you. Additionally, if you have concerns about lagging indicators, responding reactively to issues, or cumbersome preparation for weekly leasing calls and reporting, we should talk. Currently, Remarkably is only available for Yardi Voyager customers.

As the first ever multifamily marketing business intelligence platform, we are driven by maximizing ROI and offer a detailed ROI analysis of the value that Remarkably brings. We see value generated through three different lenses:

  1. Hard dollar payback: The ultimate bottom line – dollars and cents. We will work to determine performance pre- and post-Remarkably. For instance, do Configured Alerts help you get in front of issues before they impact your performance and minimize hits to occupancy and cash flow? Were you able to reduce you marketing spend by 10% because you can now clearly analyze effectiveness by each source, full funnel, from lead to lease?
  2. Value of time: Using our proprietary Remarkably productivity analysis, we can work with you to understand exactly how much time you are spending on activities such as weekly, monthly, and quarterly data aggregation, analysis, and reporting – and the quantifiable value of that time and time saved once Remarkably is implemented across your portfolio.
  3. Opportunity cost: How could you and your team’s time be better spent if you weren’t spending hours pulling reports, aggregating data, and manually analyzing and reporting on that data?

For a 50-property portfolio we see average time savings value in excess of $500,000, allowing you and your teams to focus on higher value tasks or not have to add additional new hires as your portfolio grows.

Absolutely. Remarkably’s proprietary Channel Analysis gives you a detailed, full-funnel view of each source’s traffic volumes, funnel stage conversions, and cost per lead, lease, and also lease application. No more being told ‘Property Website’ is your top performing source – get the data you need to make the decisions required to improve performance and reduce spend.

Of course! Remarkably is designed to help you identify the conversion rates and volumes in your marketing funnel that get you to goal. Our proprietary Dynamic Lead Target can even help you understand when to expect target exposure and how many leads it will take to get you there.

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