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Yardi Integrated Reporting

Property and portfolio reporting shouldn’t be your full-time job.

Every property, portfolio, and owner is unique when it comes to their Yardi, CRM, and Google Analytics reporting and this makes for time-consuming and laborious work each week, month, and quarter.

Data tables alone don’t tell the story.

You are overseeing billions of dollars of assets and trying to manage them using spreadsheets simply doesn’t cut it anymore. You need an automated but customizable solution to help you report on your assets’ performance.

Remarkably’s Integrated Yardi Reporting includes time series visualizations, enables insights inclusion, and the ability to export to various formats, so everyone can get the information they want and need in their preferred format.

Stop manually writing and calculating your weekly insights for Yardi reports.

You receive multiple reports from PMSs like Yardi Voyager, CRMs like RENTCafé, or from other third-party systems like Google Analytics. Then you review all the data and type up a summary to include in your Weekly Leasing Report. It’s the opposite of your highest and best use.

With Remarkably’s AI-powered Trend Insights embedded in reporting functionality, you can enable and include narrative insights about positive and negative trends, as if written by your company’s top analyst. With insights automatically included in reporting, you can spend your time focusing on mission critical decisions ahead, not summarizing what’s already happened.

Customize Yardi, CRM, and Google Analytics reporting to meet each unique property, portfolio, and owner's needs.

Every owner and executive is looking for something a little bit different. Some want a significant amount of information, while others want only the highlights. Some care about top of funnel performance (“How many leads are you generating?”) and others are more focused with lower funnel (“What is our apartment Cancellation and Denial rate month over month?”).

With Remarkably’s fully configurable reports you can select exactly which multifamily KPIs matter most, for which audiences, and then schedule them to deploy whenever you like, however you like.

Learn More With a 15 Minute Introduction to Remarkably

Discover how you can reclaim hours per week with automated Yardi reporting.

See how you can select only the KPIs that matter most to key audiences.

Focus your time and energy on highest and best use activities – not doing manual analysis and reporting.

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