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Multifamily Performance Forecasting

Stop managing your multifamily portfolio with lagging indicators.

Machine learning-powered forecasting helps you get ahead of key opportunities and risks before it’s too late.

Harness technology to better understand what’s going to happen.

Historically, multifamily real estate has been managed on the basis of occupancy, ironically the ultimate lagging indicator. By the time a property drops below target stabilization you are already 30-45 days too late.

Full-funnel forecasts for KPIs such as New Website Visitors, Leads, Tours, and Lease Applications provide actionable insight into the decisions you need to make every day. 

Get in front of the angry owner or executive call. 

In today’s environment, multifamily apartment owners are more focused on optimizing asset performance than ever before. Get ahead of tough questions about occupancy trends with Remarkably’s machine –learning-powered forecasting. This feature predicts future multifamily marketing and leasing KPI performance so you can be the one initiating conversations instead of reacting to them.  

Be responsive to volatility inherent to COVID-19.

It used to be that historical seasonality and year-over-year comparisons provided good indicators of anticipated multifamily marketing and leasing performance at any asset. In this COVID-19 era that is no longer the case, with property marketing teams experiencing unprecedented volatility and challenges. 

Remarkably’s KPI forecasts are influenced by recent performance and trends, –not last year’s performance and seasonality, now irrelevant– to help get you through this uncertain time.  

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Explore how forecasting can help you make better decisions every day.

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Gain better insight into future performance, higher up your sales funnel.

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