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Dynamic Funnel Targeting

Stop manually calculating the number of leads, tours, or lease applications it’s going to take you to get to your Occupancy or Exposure goal.

Dynamic Funnel Targeting

Remarkably’s proprietary Dynamic Funnel Targeting feature allows users to generate estimated marketing and leasing targets required to fill exposed units and estimate the date of goal achievement based on trends.

Estimated date to achieve 5% exposure

Be ready to answer the question, “When will we reach stabilization?” at the click of a button.

Rather than manually calculating funnel stage and conversion rates averages across multiple platforms, and then trying to work backwards to determine when you’ll reach goal, Remarkably’s Dynamic Funnel Targeting feature allows you to quickly and easily answer tough questions in seconds.

Estimated Leads to Achieve 5% Exposure

No longer rely singularly on seasonality to predict future trends.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, seasonality often gave a good indicator of future performance. All of that has changed. With our custom date range selector, you can pick exactly what period you would like to analyze to produce targets allowing for the most accurate estimates during unprecedented volatility.

Estimated Tours to Achieve 5% Exposure

Give onsite teams tangible weekly tour and lease application targets.

Optimizing your full funnel performance just became easier with dynamic targets for tours and lease applications, allowing your onsite teams to focus in on exactly what’s required to hit goal.

* Custom Exposure Targets available in Q1 2021

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Instantaneously calculate the number of leads, tours, lease applications, and more.


Analyze live-time exposure data and funnel performance to produce marketing targets.


Facilitate data-driven conversations with owners and executives.

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