Sometimes, Lead source reporting can be misleading, confusing, and frustrating. This can certainly the case with the dreaded ‘Property Website’ Lead source among many leading multifamily marketers. In response, Remarkably has purpose-built the ‘Distribute Lead Sources’ feature to address this pain point.

While we as marketers can’t always determine exactly where ‘Property Website’-sourced Leads came from, and when, we can estimate based on existing, trusted data. Leveraging New Website Visitor referral source data from Google Analytics, Remarkably offers users the ability to distribute a Lead referral source such as ‘Property Website’ to appropriate last-touch website referral sources and view the estimated, attributed, and more strategically valuable results in Channel Analysis.

Put simply, distribution enables last-touch attribution to website referral sources, displacing the dreaded ‘Property Website’ Lead source in analysis and reporting.

To enable distributed source attribution in Channel Analysis, you simply need to distribute your ‘Property Website’ Lead source.

Remarkably Admins should handle this distribution as part of Remarkably onboarding:

  1. Go to Admin > Referral Sources > Distribute Lead Sources

    Note: Only Remarkably Admins can see the ‘Admin’ button in the top right global navigation area.

  2. Select the property you wish to set up ‘Property Website’ distribution for. Note: You must be a Remarkably Admin for this property to Distribute Lead Sources.

    Tip: Sometimes properties share a Google Analytics ID. In this instance, users will be able to distribute ‘Property Website’ for one property and those settings will be applied to the other(s).

  3. Select the paid Lead source you want to distribute. Currently, only ‘Property Website’ is available for distribution.
  4. From the right-hand column, select the New Website Visitor Source(s) you wish to distribute the selected Lead Source to. You can select multiple New Website Visitor Sources if you wish. Organic search-related website referral sources are popular choices here.

    Note: Each New Website Visitor Source can ‘belong to’ only one Lead Source, not multiple. So if you’ve already matched a NWV Source to another Lead Source, it won’t be available to distribute to.

    Tip: You can use the Search function in the New Website Visitor Sources section (right-hand column) to find and distribute to website referral sources that may be hidden or difficult to find due to typos, long lists, long and confusing UTM codes, and the like.

  5. Once you’ve distributed your Lead Source to the appropriate website referral sources, you can toggle ‘Unbounced Visitors Only’ to ‘on’ to filter out all ‘bounced’ property website visitors from any Channel Analysis report date range.
  6. Then click ‘Save’.
  7. To view the results of your distribution work, navigate back to your property’s Channel Analysis tab and refresh your view, then toggle ‘Show Distributed Source Attribution’ to ‘on’!

    Note: To navigate from the ‘Manage Referral Sources’ section to Channel Analysis, simply click on the Remarkably logo at the top left of the global navigation, which will take you to your portfolio view, and then select the property you wish to view Channel Analysis for.