Remarkably is purpose-built to help multifamily marketers analyze their resident acquisition efforts – including the effectiveness of their channels and tactics. By adding budgeted and actual marketing expenses, users can leverage that data to run powerful Channel Analysis for their properties.

Put simply, expense entry lets you see budgeted vs. actual expenses, ‘Cost Pers’ for each and every funnel stage from New Website Visitor to New Lease, and ROI on each and every one of your sources in Channel Analysis.

Remarkably Admins should add budgeted expenses as part of Remarkably onboarding or Channel Analysis feature setup, and actual expenses past that point as desired.

To add a new expense, follow these steps.

  1. Click the ‘Admin’ button in the top right corner of the navigation bar, and select ‘Expenses’ 
  2. Once in the expense management view, click ‘Add Expense’, in the top left sub-navigation area.
  3. Select a property for the expense to apply to. You can only select properties for which you have admin access.
  4. Enter an expense name that’s meaningful and useful to you and your team.
  5. Select which Lead Source(s) this expense should be applied to. These Lead Sources are pulled in directly from your integrated Property Management Software (PMS), and are specific to the property.Tip: You can select multiple Lead Sources; if two (2) or more sources are selected, the expense will be divided equally across Lead Sources selected.
  6. Enter or select a vendor name. If there is no vendor associated with the expense, enter ‘N/A’.
  7. Select the expense type: One Time, Recurring, or Pay For Performance 

How do I manage expenses for Channel Analysis?