2021-02-03 Release Notes

By Anna-Lea Dieringer, Co-Founder & CXO



I’m excited about our first release of 2021, showcasing two features requested by some of our first and best customers. Our January release delivers more powerful features that help property marketing leaders achieve their portfolios’ full potential with multifamily intelligence. I am eternally grateful to our loyal customers, early visionaries who have shaped—and continue to shape—our platform direction and experience. And, as always, I am in awe of our Product and Engineering teams who continue to work so hard to enhance platform value and release new features, like the ones rolling out today!  

Below is a brief overview of new features for January. We hope users love our new Referral Sources for all funnel stages from New Website Visitors to New Leases and Approved Leases KPI (key performance indicator) to more fully analyze box score content you care about most. We look forward to your feedback on these new features! 

New: Discover where website traffic is coming from 

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that property marketing leaders have more login credentials to fragmented technology stacks than the average bear. We aim to ease that pain with integrations and aggregation – including our Google Analytics integration, ingestion and display of website referral source data. Now, with one click, users can understand their best and worst property website referral sources based on visitor count, bounce rate, and session duration. No more logging into multiple systems to understand top of funnel performance for each property – it’s all in your dashboard.  

New: Track top referral sources across the funnel 

We didn’t stop at New Website Visitor referral sources, because we also know that aggregating and displaying referral source data from Leads to New Leases is a pain point, and important to your success. Gain quick, easy visibility into your highest- and lowest-performing referral sources for Leads, Tours, Lease Applications, and New Leases so you can optimize your marketing budget and tactics in this challenging COVID-19 environment. 

New: Assess trending Lead quality at a glance 

With resource constraints at play for all of us right now, maximizing your Approved Leases and preventing funnel fallout is key to getting the best bang for your buck. View and analyze property lease approval trends, gain insight, generate forecasts, and understand critical lower-funnel conversion rates with the new Approved Leases KPI.  

New: View Portfolio results and trends in new ways 

You let us know that the ability to view each property’s performance in a summarized, grid-based table is incredibly valuable to your daily workflows. So we put it front and center. Now, you can view Portfolio Performance and Funnel results distinct tabs, in either Grid and Chart views, to suit your specific needs at specific times. 

Thank you to the countless multifamily industry experts who inspired and influenced this release. Special thanks to the following people who provided in-depth feedback on new features just released, and many more: 

  • Referral Sources: Paul E., Kaitlyn S., Heather W., Michael M., and Jennifer W. 
  • Approved Leases: Megan M. and Brooke G. 

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Anna-Lea Dieringer

Written by Anna-Lea Dieringer Co-Founder & CXO