2020-11-17 Release Notes

By Anna-Lea Dieringer, Co-Founder & CXO



We are delighted to announce this month’s release with exciting features that help property marketing leaders achieve their portfolios’ full potential with multifamily intelligence. Our Product and Engineering teams have been working hard to enhance our core platform, and to develop new features in high demand among prospects and customers.  

Below is a brief overview of new features for November. We hope users love our new KPI view (key performance indicator), Dynamic Targeting, Exposure KPI, and forecasts for Leased %, Occupied %, and Exposed %. We can’t wait for your feedback on these new features! 

Dig deeper into property performance details  

Now, users can explore property KPIs to gain a better view and a clearer understanding of historical trends and forecast data. In discussions with prospects and customers, the ability to see an enlarged view of a chart and data points, and to ‘drill into’ KPIs to view additional details such as referral sources (coming soon) or dynamic targets (see below!) were tops on their lists of needs and wants.  

Plan ahead with Dynamic Targeting  

Do you want to generate estimated targets needed to fill exposed units and estimate the date of achievement based on trends? Now you can. One of our very first customers inspired this feature, which enables users to estimate Leads, Tours, and Lease Applications using funnel conversion rate and volume averages during a selected date range to define the number of estimated traffic required to achieve 0% exposure. In progress: custom Exposed % targets! 

Exposure performance, trends, and alerts  

As of this month, users can view and analyze Sub-Portfolio and Property exposure trends, insights, and forecasts, and receive related alerts. Now more than ever, exposure is a critical KPI to monitor for property marketing teams. So we put the Exposed % KPI front and center on users’ dashboards, enabling users to build, analyze and forecast exposure data, and feeding calculations required to estimate marketers’ Dynamic Lead Targets and achievement timelines. 

Forecast Leased %, Occupied %, and Exposed % Rates  

Now, users can gain insight into predicted performance with an expanded set of machine learning-powered forecasts at Sub-Portfolio and Property levels. Influenced by historical trend data, these new forecasts can help marketers identify potential risks and opportunities and decide how to mitigate or capitalize on them. Some tactical examples might include advertising investment or rent rate increases, on-site team trainings, or competitive analyses. 

Thank you to the countless multifamily industry experts who inspired and influenced this release. Special thanks to the following people who provided in-depth feedback on new features just released, and many more: 

  • KPI View: Francisco Z., Greg L., Kevin H., Daryl S., Josh G., Kaytlyn S., Mae K., and Andrew R. 
  • Dynamic Targeting: Megan M., Kevin H., Anna S., Greg L., Tammy K., Josh P., Julie K., Kelley S., Sherilyn B., Andrew D., Kaytlyn S., Joanna R., Leah M., Kayne A., Nicole S., Alex S., and Mariya H. 
  • Exposed KPI: Sherilyn B., Katherine G., Megan M., Anna S., Jessica W., Kevin H., Kara H., and Theresa W. 

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Anna-Lea Dieringer

Written by Anna-Lea Dieringer Co-Founder & CXO